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23 de junio de 2015

Mongane Wally Serote, Una mañana...

Taiwo y Khenide, The Lujadu Sisters

Una mañana
mi pueblo estará pendiente
de un amanecer...
nos enfrentaremos al sol...
dejando atrás
tantos muertos,
tantas cosas absurdas,
habremos enterrado el 
apartheid -¿Cómo nos 
daremos la mano,
cómo nos abrazaremos 
ese día? ¿Cuáles serán 
nuestras primeras palabras?


… one morning
my people will hang on a sunrise
as a child after falling would to its mother;
the morning
we shall stand face to face with the sun
like a woman would
who has been raped and raped and raped
a woman whose eyes will stare
whose face will be there without expression
for indeed
many words, many deeds and many things
shall have lost their old meanings;
we shall stand face to face with the sun
we shall hang on a sunrise
perch on the dawn of a day
leaving behind us
so many dead
so many senseless things
we shall have buried Apartheid—
how shall we look at each other then,
how shall we shake hands,
how shall we hug each other that day?
how shall we smile and laugh
what first words will we utter?
We are a wounded people
so many nights
have we huddled into our dark night
learning to fight anew
so many nights—
what shall we look like when that sunrise
what shall we do with its first minute
first hour
first day?

B O N U S   T R A C K

Observaré lo que sucedió…
con el silencio con que las raíces de las plantas
agujerean la tierra

Mongane Wally Serote 
(Johannesburgo, Sudáfrica, 1944)
de A Tough Tale, Kliptown Books, London, 1987
en Poesía i-realidad, Editorial UNAB, Colombia, 2004
para leer más en: EPDLP

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